Birth Services

Some might ask, “If you’re already a nurse, why do you choose to be a doula?” To me birth is a sacred, beautiful journey. It’s as instinctual and physiological as breathing. As a nurse, my duties often consisted of medical tasks without much time to truly support the patient and family as well as I wanted to. There just wasn’t enough time. Between passing pills and calling doctors, I couldn’t always support my patients holistically, as a “whole” person. Doulas support their birthing clients and families from an emotional, physiological, and informational standpoint. Being able to support my clients on this level, was what I truly desired. And…I love babies, (as you can see, having four of my own here on earth and four in heaven). As I like to say, witnessing births just never gets old! The entire process of pregnancy and birth never ceases to amaze or inspire me. Of course, there can be times of anxiety, fear, and sadness. Doulas are there for ALL of it…through the long haul. I work for YOU and not your hospital or medical team. Doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support. They offer unwavering, personalized support through thick and thin. They are a comfort and a companion. They don’t take the place of the father, but instead facilitate bonding between the two of you, complementing his role in this special process. It’s truly such a blessing to bring another life into this world. With the support of a doula, families can feel free to take in the whole process and enjoy the beautiful journey of childbirth without much worry about all the little details. I will use the tools I’ve learned through my training and from my own personal birth experiences to compassionately support, educate, and accompany you on this beautiful journey.



Birth Services Include:

Free Consultation

  • We will meet, get to know each other, discuss my services, and most importantly… about your baby!

Prenatal Visits

  • These take place in your home.  We will discuss/ formulate your birth plan, vision for your birth, talk about labor/ birth techniques, comfort measures, support for spouse/ children, and answer any other questions.

On-call Support

  • From the time you sign your contract you will have continuous on-call support from me, whenever you may need it via phone, text, email, Facebook, or messenger.

The Birth

  • I will be at your birth providing continuous physical, informational, and emotional support from the time you request me during pre-labor/ active labor, and stay for up to 2 hours postpartum, helping with initial breast-feeding/ bottle feeding, etc. I am “on-call” for your birth from 37 weeks – 42 weeks gestation.


  • The postpartum visit includes 1-2 hours of discussing birth experience, providing encouragement/ emotional support as needed, providing feeding support for baby, helping with light tasks as needed around the house, answering any questions about postpartum issues, etc.


  • The Birth Package, which includes: a free consultation, 2 prenatal visits, on-call support, attendance at birth and immediate postpartum period, and one postpartum visit, is valued at $850. A minimum of $300 is due at time of contract signing, as I will be declining other clients during your birth time-frame. The remaining balance is due at 37 weeks. I believe everyone should have the support they need for birth. If you are in financial hardship, or are going through a loss, additional financial arrangements can be made.

Custom Add-Ons

  • Additional prenatal visits $100/ visit
  • Additional postpartum care can be contracted at a rate of $30/ hour (discussing birth experience, baby care support, breast/ bottle feeding support, light tasks around the house, helping with other children, providing additional resources, etc.)
  • Essential oil/ Herbal custom blends to support pregnancy & childbirth, pricing varies

I attend ALL births: hospital & community (birth center, home)

  • Inductions, C-sections, V-BACs, spontaneous/ pre-term labor, stillbirth, infant loss, etc.

Doulas DO:

  • Provide physical comfort
  • Provide emotional comfort
  • Inform/ educate clients
  • Act as an extra set of hands
  • Encourage self-determination
  • Advocate

Doulas DO NOT:

  • Practice medicine or perform medical tasks
  • Make decisions for clients
  • Replace the father or other birth partners
  • Deliver the baby

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” Psalm 127:3

Loss Births

If you are looking for support for a loss birth, first of all, I am so sorry your are going through this. At this most tender time, I would be honored to help support you and your family as you navigate through this difficult process. I will support you with warmth, compassion, and respect during this difficult time. My role includes compassionately supporting families through miscarriage, still birth, and fatal diagnoses; tenderly providing resources, education, and options for support before, during, and after birth.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

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